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  • School Motto: Don Pedro Is The Place To Be

  • Principal's Message: 

 At Don Pedro Elementary, we believe that every child can achieve academic and personal success. As students, families and staff, we will work together so that all students may attain that success. Don Pedro Elementary is a place where excellence is the goal, and as a Don Pedro School community, we work to exemplify this goal in all that we do each and every day. We want our students to leave elementary school prepared to do well in junior high and high school, so that they are prepared for the longer term goal of college and career. Preparing for the future requires students to be both academically and socially ready. For this reason, Don Pedro Elementary works to instill traits for success: politeness, responsibility, integrity, determination, and excellence. Students will set goals throughout the school year to help them find both academic and social greatness. Please work with your child and your child’s teacher to be a guide to your child’s success. If you should have any questions, please email the teacher or call the school to set an appointment with the teacher. By continuing to work together, we can continue the personal success of your child as well as the success of Don Pedro Elementary.

          With regards,
          Tami Garcia
Principal, Don Pedro Elementary